Fr. Fedor's Homily Notes

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord – April 21, 2019


Acts of the Apostles 10: 34a, 37-43 Colossians 3: 1-4 Luke 24: 1-12


The celebration of Easter, for the Church, is steeped in history. At the Easter Vigil there are multiple readings from Scripture which recount the story and the effects of God’s loving action on behalf of mankind. Easter day takes us back to that shocking experience when the women who came to the tomb of Jesus, expecting to find the body of the one who had been betrayed, condemned and crucified, not there. The tomb was empty. What this discovery meant only slowly become clear.


Celebrating Easter can also direct our minds and our faith to the future. It is our faith that human death does not end life. United with the God-man, Jesus Christ, through baptism, we will eventually share in the fulness of a glorified life with God. This is demonstrated to us by the Resurrection of the Lord that we recall.


Yet, what does the celebration of Easter mean to us today? It is not just looking back or looking to the future. It is not just this particular day on a calendar. What does it mean today, in our lives, in our world, at this time and place in which we live?


We who, at Easter, joyously express faith in Jesus Christ as risen also realize and understand that in our lives and in our world whatever is death can be overcome by resurrection. As Jesus Christ was not defeated by death on a cross, we ,too, can be filled with hope, we can be confident that we will not be defeated, we will rise as well.


The impact of Easter that we celebrate is to resonate within us. It is the restoration of every hope, every ideal, every vision which we have for ourselves and for our world. It is a call to recognize deep within ourselves what the Resurrection truly means. Nothing and no one has any control over us. It is to say, to believe, to declare, that death has no more power over us. As persons of faith, what motivates and directs us and our lives is a full awareness of God’s triumphant love for us


Easter powerfully reminds us to go within ourselves and recognize that we can overcome anything which might try to defeat us. Is it a lack of love or understanding? It can be overcome. Is it an addiction or a dependency? It can be overcome. It is fear, or sorrow, or pain that is deep within our hearts? It can be overcome.


Our world, and every part of it, our lives and every part of them, look for and need the promise, the hope, and the triumph, that Easter proclaims. So it is that we, in our lives, in our words, and in our actions, both today at Easter and throughout the year, declare with deep conviction that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the triumph of our good and gracious God.