Fr. Fedor's Homily Notes

Most Holy Trinity – June 16, 2019


Proverbs 8: 212-31 Romans 5: 1-5 John 16:12-15


As Church, today, we pause to acknowledge a distinctive foundation of our Faith. The God in whom we profess belief exists as a relationship. God is Father, God is Son, God is Holy Spirit. God is one God. We experience God in the Three Persons God is. God is Creator, God is Redeemer, God is Sanctifier.


As we listened today to God speaking to us in the Scriptures, what were we told? In the passage from the Book of Proverbs, an image of the Wisdom of God as portrayed in the creation of all that is. The act of creation, as it is described, is loving, even playful. It is not some cold, mechanical placing into existence of the universe. Rather it is a creative act of love. That is the first understanding, the first image, given to us about God. The source of all that exists is a personal, loving, but complex, being; a Being who is the very essence of love as is evidenced in the action of creation.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ, as he lives among us, is much more than a teacher or a prophet. He, along with the Creator Father, and the Sanctifier Spirit, are interrelated. This same God reaches out to us, seeks a relationship with us. This is the underlying purpose of God becoming man in Jesus Christ. God who has been known before in the great acts of history and the development of mankind in the past, especially in the covenant with the Chosen People of old, is now with us. He and the Father possess the same things. He and the Father are one. What this would mean in creation and history, a loving relationship between Creator and creation, would continue to develop and grow through the abiding presence of the Spirit of Truth.


All of this is not simple. Indeed, it is complex. It demands, as St. Paul tells us, genuine faith. It demands absolute confidence and trust in this complex but loving Divine Reality.


It is a mystery, yes. It is not easy to understand or explain. Is this not always the case with love? This, however, is the revelation made to us by Jesus Christ, God who became man. Revelation tells us, we who are creatures and reflections of God, that God is a relationship. As reflections of God, we are to live in a relationship with God and with one another.


All of this profoundly affects the values and the outlook we have about ourselves and about others. Each person, every person, possesses a basic worth and value because all relate to God who relates to all as Father to children. All are to relate to one another as images of God, as reflections of God, as brothers and sisters.


The basic revelation about God made to us by Jesus Christ, complex as it may be in one sense, is also simple an direct. The best expression of what we are, the source of genuine happiness for us, is found in how we live and how we reflect the abiding and loving relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. How is that we reflect, day after day, the Trinity of Persons who are a truly good and gracious God?