Fr. Fedor's Homily Notes

Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year – November 17, 2019


Malachi 3:19-20 2 Thessalonians 3:7-12 Luke 21:5-19


The framework of Saint Luke’s Gospel which we have been following through the last months has, as its destination, Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the focus and center of the followers of Jesus as devout Hews. It was the Temple, located in Jerusalem, that was the central symbol of their distinct faith in God. Having now reached this important destination, Jesus tells his listeners that all of this, Jerusalem and the Temple, will pass away, not a stone will be left on another. This statement could be nothing but shocking to all of them.


What we need to keep in mind, as believers, as we hear this, is that the message that Is being conveyed by Jesus, is a message of hope, not fear. No matter what might be experienced, no matter how often it might appear that it is evil which succeeds, no matter what adversity seems to have the upper hand in life, do not give up, do not lose faith.


God does not meddle in our history God invites us God came into our history in the person of Jesus Christ to tell us that we have been created in love. Indeed, we are loved. But we also can choose. With the ability and the potential we have been given we can choose to make real, in our lives, what we are to be, a reflections of our Maker. We are to be reflections of the goodness and love of God who gave us existence. Christ also came to tell us that the freedom we have to choose how to act is the way that the purpose of God in creation can be accomplished. All of us are a part of this. All of us can accomplish this.


What Jesus’s words to us today tell us is that faith in God and lives lived in terms of this faith and trust will ultimately triumph. Perhaps this will not be in ways that the world and society measure victory, but in ways that Jesus tries, again and again, to remind us. The key to success in life, being that person each of us is created to be, comes by faith and trust in the teachings of Jesus. This is not always easy. It is not free of stress and anxiety. It is not free of misunderstanding or rejection by others. But if we remain true to his words and teaching, our ultimate experience will be victory, triumph, success. We will come to a true realization of what is valuable, what is important, what has true worth.


Saint Paul tells the followers of Jesus of his time, and tells us as well, that the approach to daily living involves doing what we can in caring for others as well as for ourselves. This maybe simple or even routine, but this is what is needed to be a good person, one who truly reflects the goodness of God. This is to be done despite ridicule, at times, or even the rejection of being said to be foolish. Living in this way will bring true peace of mind and heart.


As persons of faith and trust in God, it is no longer the Temple, but the Body of Christ that we are, which is to be the visible sign and symbol revealing God. Remember that in our world today it is in and through us that is found an experience of the presence of our good and gracious God