St Mel Parish


Bishop Malesic has accepted my request to retire from active ministry as well as my resignation from the office of pastor of Saint Mel parish.  The effective date for these changes to take place is July 1, 2021.


Further,  Bishop Malesic has assigned Father Adam Zajac, currently pastor of Saint Mark parish to the additional responsibility of pastor of Saint Mel parish.  The effective date for this, again, is July 1, 2021.


Fr. Fedor

St Mel Parish


Welcome to the website for Saint Mel Parish, Cleveland, Ohio. It is a pleasure to have you visit our site and it would be a blessing to us if you could join us in worship and prayer.

Founded in a developing part of the west side of Cleveland following the Second World War and serving growing families as they were established in the area, Saint Mel parish is centrally located in the West Park area of the city of Cleveland. As this dynamic area has changed over the years, the community of Saint Mel parish now consists of primarily older adults and smaller families.

After a proud tradition of Catholic education spanning sixty years, Saint Mel school closed in 2009.

Wherever you may happen to be, please join with the Saint Mel parish family in giving thanks and praise to God for the blessings which continue to be bestowed on its members, families and graduates.