Fr. Fedor's Homily Notes

Epiphany – January 3, 2021


Isaiah 60:1-6 – Ephesians 3: 2-3a, 5-6 – Matthew 2: 1-12


The accumulation of years in life gives way to considerations of what has been learned as well as what has been experienced. My own faith and the effort to live out that faith have led me to a conclusions. What we are called to do in our lives is best summarized as continuing to do what we have learned from the Scriptures: what God sought in a relationship withe the people of the Old Covenant and what the whole of the ministry and teaching of Jesus was aimed at accomplishing. Pit into simple terms: to reveal God, to make God known, as a loving and merciful God.


This can be put another way. In our Faith we declare that we are images and likenesses of our God. So it is that, inspired by the Scriptures, God is to be revealed, to be known, in and through us. In our words and our actions, in how and what we are and what we do, day after day are to reflect the goodness of God.


We can appreciate this Feast of the Epiphany that we celebrate today as a particular way of recalling what we are to be in living out that Faith. “Epiphany” is the “showing forth,” the revelation, the making known, of our God in the person of the newborn Jesus Christ.


The account of the Magi is both a worthwhile and a thoughtful reminder to us. We are part of the whole world to which the Lord is revealed as the account of the Magi clearly illustrates. The Magi saw a star. It was a natural wonder that moved them to respond. In doing so, they started the journey that led them to the object of that sign, the newborn Savior, God-made-man. The journey was not without difficulties. They lost the vision of that star and sought help from those of no faith in God. They were temporarily deceived by the selfish plotting of others. But the star re-appeared when hey returned to their original vision and hope. Once they were at the object of their journey, they gave of themselves in ways that declared an awareness of the importance of what they had sought and found.


We are the Magi of today. We have seen and celebrated the Lord who has come into our midst. In baptism the Lord became directly a part of our lives. We are called to do what the Magi did, lead others to the Lord. We are to share what we are and what we have been given in our Faith.


The Feast of the Epiphany is not only a recalling that the Lord was made known to the world in the past. It is to be a showing forth now. The light of the star that lit up the darkness and led to the Lord is to shine brightly now in us.


What this new year will bring, we do not know any more than what we knew last January what 2020 would bring. May we have, however, even greater resolve to reveal the Lord in every possible way to all whom we might encounter not hindering but encouraging our revelation of a truly good and gracious God